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Cookie & privacy policy

1 – About Us & Data Control

Sargon Creative Media D.O.O. is a LLC type company registered in Serbia with headquarters in Serbia, Belgrade, on the address Ševina 16, under the registration number: 21271071.

The Data Privacy controller for this website is Sargon Creative Media D.O.O.

2 – Legalisation and Data Policies

This website is designed to strive to comply with international and national legislation with regard to User Privacy and Data Protection, as per:

  • 1988 APA / Australian Privacy Act
  • 1988 DPA / Data Protection Act
  • 1995 DPD / Data Protection Directive
  • 2018 GDPR / EU General Data Protection Regulation
  • 2018 / Law of Personal Data Privacy of the Republic of Serbia

3 – Compliance and User Data collecting

Every user has the option to accept or decline the collection of their personal data. By clicking accept on our query and/or using this page you are confirming compliance with out Data Policy, and giving us permission to store anonymous user data automatically, as well as You can access most of the pages on our website without revealing your identity, and our servers will collect anonymous data about you, such as your IP Address, GeoLocation, Behavioural analysis, statistics about using the website and similar.

We don’t collect personal information (such as your Name, Age, Email... and similar) if you do not give them to us by your own free will, either by subscribing to our newsletter, or leaving a comment on our website. When you decide to opt-in to our newsletter, we can use services that enable us to gather statistics about your behaviour when it comes to opening our newsletter messages and such.

We never share your personal data with third parties.

4 – How long do we keep your data and how safe is your data?

We keep your data as long as we need to for advertising and statistical purposes. Your can request for your personal data to be deleted from our system. We, along with our website service providers, take precautions to keep your data from unauthorized access, usage, losing or publishing.

5 – Usage of Cookies on our Website

As „cookies“, we define cookies and similar technologies, according to the EU Privacy Policy in regards to digital communications. Cookies are small text files created by the website you visited, which contain anonymous data. They are stored inside the visitors computer or device, and enable to user different funtionality on the website. There is no way to stop the usage of cookies, beside not visiting the website, or changing your browsers cookie tolerance. For more info about that, see your browsers help page.

We use the anonymous data collected by cookies for various reasons, some of which include: statistics, web analytics, Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube and similar advertising. By using our website, you agree to our usage of cookies in the above mentioned and similar capacity. We do not collect personal data from usage of cookies, and some of the data we do collect includes IP Address, Location, Session Duration, Link clicks, Behaviour on our website... and similar data.

Cookies in use on our website can be manually deleted or blocked by your browser, if you choose to do so. For more information visit your browsers help page. We do not recommend deleting cookies from our website, because that way you can possibly limit some functionalities of our website.

Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy have been updated on the 8th of February 2019. and are in effect from the day of posting. We reserve the right to change the policy without strictly notifying the users, so if you want to be updated you can follow this page for more information.