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Digital Marketing Trends in 2019

Keeping track of trends in digital marketing may help people who run their businesses and create content actually understand what customers really want!

Nikola Gegoj
CEO & Founder
Digital Marketing

Innovations and digital marketing

Technological innovations in digital marketing are all around us.

It is really interesting how we are implementing new trends and features in our daily lives.

Apps are constantly upgrading and I think that we are not even aware of all the things that have been going on.

We have started tracking everything – from calories to how many steps we have walked today. Our brain is processing a ton of new information on a daily basis, beyond its capacity.

“Inspiration is the most important part of our digital strategy.”  – Paul Young

Keeping track of trends in digital marketing may help people who run their businesses and create content actually understand what customers really want.

They certainly don’t want to be overloaded with too much content – they want exactly what they need.

Our models of behavior and biases can have a very big impact on our decision making process.  So, everything that we see on internet, our brains process as real information.

Therefore, new age and trends that are improving, also brought us anxiety, depression etc.

It is because we compare our lives to everything that we see on social media, no matter the fact that all those people have unique life paths, like we have one.

When we consider creating digital trends for future, we follow the schemes and models of our actions and it applies to the everything that we are developing at the moment.

Technology has given us so much, yet it has distanced us from our heart.

Together with neuroscientists and leaders in various industries , we will strive to create technology that respects human well-being and we will act professionally towards building brands that are trustworthy.

So, let’s take a look how we can understand psychology behind creating new trends, algorithms and being updated without feeling too much pressure.

Integration of Social Media into all services

Technology is present in our everyday lives, that’s a fact. But how do we use it? For what purposes?

For example, we are able to connect with any service online just by pressing the button on their Facebook page. It can be used for reservations, shopping or getting something done.

Beside Facebook, Instagram has an option to see the products that are on the post, or you can directly browse and see what you need in their online shop.

Let’s take a look at statistics.

The leading social networks are usually available in multiple languages and enable users to connect globally.

Approximately 2 billion internet users are using social networks and 72.4% are using social networks on daily basis.

Due to a constant presence in the lives of their users, social networks have a very big social impact.

They are constantly growing and receiving adjustments in their algorithms, so it takes a lot of patience and flexibility to actually feel comfortable and try not to avoid these changes.

We should embrace them because they are already integrated deeply into services we use.

How do these algorithms work?

You’ve probably been wondering how Instagram rates your followers.

For example, you’ve posted a story on Instagram. Next step is reviewing who has seen it, among your many followers. But you’ll soon notice that those followers aren’t in chronological order.

Instagram wants to make your life easier.

It shows you people you care about and people who care about you. It wants to show you people who are clicking and looking at your profile, whether you are engaging with each other or it has deemed you important to that person.

Beside the order that’s not chronological anymore, you have a lot of options in order to increase reach on your public profiles.


Valuable content gets more likes. Being authentic and unique, with interesting captions.

Posting also includes Insta Stories. So, now you can use live video, create a poll or run a contest if you want to interact with your followers.

As a brand, you may encourage more people to share their opinion and experiences with you.

Therefore, you’ll be creating a bond that leads to a strong relationship with your brand.

Instagram uses Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

We believe that big data is important for an effective marketing campaign. Indeed, it is difficult to predict the behavior of users without having access to a huge amount of data, so you can offer them exactly what they want, when they want it, and how they want it – without them realizing it.

We should be aware of this: personalization is the key to success. This is why artificial intelligence (AI), as well as machine learning, are increasingly used in order to enhance the true form of marketing – 1 on 1 personal communication.

Big Data

With big data and machine learning, search engines understand exactly what users are looking for.

For example, Instagram uses the insights it extracts from all the data it collects to improve it’s algorithm and ads while others find great potential in the enormous data it collects to uncover insights about human behavior, cultures and more.

Search engines understand what users want to see in front of them. The largely manual process of advertising creative and design work will increasingly incorporate machine learning to automate the delivery of mass individualized and personalized advertisements. The next bastion is the creative content and copy process.

Artificial intelligence

“Innovation needs to be part of your culture. Consumers are transforming faster than we are, and if we don’t catch up, we’re in trouble.” – Ian Schafer

AI can analyze consumer behavior and search patterns, while making practical and effective use of data from social media platforms and blog posts. This can help businesses understand how users and customers find their wanted products or services.

One more thing that algorithms love is consumer education. Speaking of creating posts, stories and other kind of content that gives you some kind of value, offering free pieces of advice or information can make people want to scroll down through your feed or wait every single day for you to post and tell them what you find useful or what helped you do this and become that.

Personalized marketing is the future of advertisements: today’s consumers expect to see tailored product selections and content that is customized specifically to their needs and interests.

The Live video and Story option is on the increase

“I see video as a megatrend. That’s why I’m going to keep putting video first across our family of apps.” Mark Zuckerberg,

One of the main drivers of the mobile internet video market is creating live.

By 2021, 13% of total video traffic is going to be live video compared to 3% in 2016.

“Tell stories.” – Seth Godin

The so-called future of digital marketing is very present.

Facebook and Instagram live videos let customers see the raw content, how it is behind the scenes.

Those shiny and fabulous posts can be valued more if people see that some influencers that they follow are content with the services that a particular brand has to offer.

Digital sharing and storytelling are expanding so quickly, and it’s especially significant for digital marketing when combined with influencer marketing.

Let’s look at some data.

We all see shiny, glossed-up product images on social media, but what develops a robust visual brand is getting personal with your followers.

Those are not numbers, these people are real, and they have emotions, just like every one of us does. You don’t want to use only complicated corporate words with a strict tone of voice of in your online presence through live video or Story,

As consumers spend more time on their smartphones watching videos, advertisers are expected to spend $20 billion on mobile video in 2019 (up from $2 billion in 2015), and video is expected to account for 85 percent of total Internet traffic by 2019 (both live video and video ads).


81% of internet and mobile audiences watched more live video in 2016 than in 2015.

Speaking of 2019, we’ve already started planning for 2020.

Admit it or not, this fact that 81% of internet and mobile audiences watched more live video gives you an individual feel (reality) that Live video and Instagram TV are going to stay. Speaking of traditional television, the internet has already replaced it in many segments.

Breaking news makes up 56% of most-watched live content.

Live video is more appealing to brand audiences because it tends to give the illusion of raw, unedited and trending content.

80% would rather watch live video from a brand than read a blog, and 82% prefer live video from a brand to social posts.

“If content is king, then conversion is queen.” – John Munsell

Good content is king.

But video in its expansion can bring more audience if that video has titles in the audience’s language – even better.

It has become tough to grab people’s attention for a longer time. In a few seconds, the direct message and call to action buttons will bring more sold products or services than an average post.

People are increasing their scroll speed.

So if you catch their sight with good content, there you go.

Podcasts are replacing traditional reading, and people feel more connected and in the loop when they are present in their favorite brand’s live video.

It’s all about emotions and how we react to certain things based on past experiences.

Customer centered marketing

Beside automatization and thousands of apps that can help us improve our lifestyle, studies have found that 72% of people are struggling to save the money and 77% of adults are struggling to lose weight.

For example, you’ve probably seen some emails on that topic that by default ended up in your email’s spam folder or some blog posts telling you how you can quickly lose tons of pounds just in a few days.

These false promised expectations may result with customer’s lack of trust with this brand.

New systems and technologies are working on solving this bug, where you can have accurate content while shopping for specific products or services.

Customer experience and emotions are important.

A brand can have flashy and shiny content, perfect strategies and targeted audiences. But all of that is just beginning in building a relationship with people.

Chatbots are the normal thing and getting smarter

More companies will adopt chatbots for customer interaction.

You have probably already had some contact with a certain kind of a chatbot.

Maybe it guided you through a website, or you just wanted to shop for some clothing.

As a digital marketing agency, our purpose is to follow the latest digital trends and offer our clients everything that they need, without overdoing what they don’t need.

Our hearts are filled with joy when we can help brands that we work with when presented with the question “What do we need to focus on?”. Not every service is for every brand.

Chatbots are here to stay.

Sometime in 2019, we expect chatbots to be one of the first places of customer interaction when someone wants to order food, book a hotel room or buy a piece of clothing. If a business is wondering if they should create a bot, they are asking the wrong question.

The real question is – how fast can we make a chatbot?

This piece of software automates specific tasks. Chatbots are not the future of digital marketing but represent a big part of customer interaction.

They are very present in a wide range of services from government platforms to online shops.

It is predicted that 25% of all customer service interactions will be chatbots by 2020, which is up from a total of 2% usage in 2017.

Moreover, 40% of large businesses will likely use intelligent chatbots by the end of 2019.

Only around 25% of small to medium size businesses will employ them, but those that do will likely see a spike in customer service metrics.

A chatbot is cheaper than a customer support person because it doesn’t have to be staffed and it can answer visitors’ questions almost immediately.

Lots of landing pages have a chatbot installed on its website to immediately answer questions without using a real person.

The rise of smart speakers

Audio is becoming more present in our everyday lives.

We have Alexa, Siri, and maybe some other Artificial Intelligence assistants that automate some stuff for us and keep everything in order.

We don’t need to know everything, but we need to know what to ask to get the correct answers.

As said before, because of our urban living, it is easier to listen to a podcast than watch something; It is way easier to say something instead of typing it.

Smart speakers like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomePod are making a revolution in the technology market, making people’s lives more organized. And consumers love them:

65% of smart speaker owners say they wouldn’t want to go back to life without their voice-controlled assistant.

Because, when we get used to some improvement in our lives, our rewired brains don’t want to go back to hard times.

But why is it essential for digital marketing?

Maybe you’ll start seeing ads in certain forms through these devices sooner than later. It’s possible they’ll launch their advertising platforms that can help people automatize processes of buying, booking, etc.

Video and Video Ads are Growing, too

Many website visitors today prefer watching videos to reading a text because it’s easier to visualize the concepts, among other things.

Having video versions of your written content allows you to reach a wider audience, and when you consider that YouTube is the second largest search engine, then it creates a lot of opportunities you can take advantage of for your business.

Now, you have a new feature where you can tag people in a video, as well as a tag in photos.

Now, influencers can have more engaging tasks to do. People are more likely to bond to some brand if they see their favorite celebrity, athlete or player in their ad.

But video ads and ads, in general, are not there to produce only positive reactions. Maybe they can cause some emotional sensation when users look at them. That will lead to sales rising.

For example, you have probably heard of the famous Nike “sneaker burning” scandal that exploded on all social networks.

People react more to negative emotions, rather than to positive ones.

Fun fact: after the scandal, Nike’s sales have gone up. Who would’ve thought?

Blockchain revolution

Now that we have covered some segments of futuristic movements, what can we say about Blockchain in Marketing in general?

It can be listed as a trend for sure, but have you noticed that a lot of people are still taking some insecure movements towards this technology?

Blockchain technology is not that confusing.

It is present for a long time now, decentralized apps are being developed, as well as sites and businesses that keep track in time with the latest technology.

The thing with online advertising is that companies can quickly determine what their targeted custom audience is. In this case, we are doing that for them, and therefore we are establishing trust with ad buys.

A trusted ad may benefit companies in a way that they can show their services to the right audiences, bring more sales and make sure they get the advertising that they are paying for.

Everything online stays online.

No middleman can cover up some information or take away your transactions.

Blockchain is improving transparency. You can see what you bought, where does it come from and so on.

A brand is being built on trust, not on ghost reviews and fake Instagram accounts that have thousands of followers, but no exact information about their product.

2019 – unique and new, or just a logical sequence of events?

The quality of future trends in 2019 and people’s lives depend on how we are going to implement and grow them.

Intis the key.

All of us have some inner compass, and we trust our gut feelings when it comes to bigger things that we are so passionate about.

Instead of worrying, we let our fears go, and allow our minds to brainstorm creative ideas that will make a positive change in our world.

The impact of trends and technology on our lives in 2019. Depends on a variety of factors, but we can control the most important one – ourselves.

Technology is indeed becoming a more significant part of our life, and every year is pushing that boundary even further, but we are in essence all human beings and not machines.

Even though some technological advancements enhance our productivity, we are not beings that strive for maximal productivity, but instead living made easier.

We’ll continue to monitor the markets and technologies while working in digital marketing every day of the year, and we’ll bring you regular updates when something important happens.

We can only predict what awaits us this year, but we can’t wait actually to find out.

To 2019! To another great year of marketing, technology, and humanity.





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