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Designing the brand

Great design is at the heart of every successful brand, product or company, without exception. It has been this way since long before we used computers to bring our ideas and concepts to life.

Drawing inspiration from everyone from Leonardo da Vinci to Antoni Gaudi, creating the bridge to business success through design is at the core of what we do.

We are specialized in different kinds of design services tailor made to fit the needs of your company - and we are just a click away from becoming business partners.

Below you can explore in more detail the core design services we offer to clients all around the world, and you can always visit our work page to see our highlighted projects.

Branding, Logo Design & Visual Identity

Your brand tells people who you are, what you do and why you do what you do. Today’s consumer doesn’t just buy a product, the become part of it

We are experienced in everything that makes a brand stand out, from logo and typography, to naming, visual identity and corporate style.

Our approach to the art of branding is near-scientific, and starts with a thorough analysis of the market, getting to know you and your brand from the inside out, and ends with combining shapes, colors and imagery into a pixel perfect representation of what you want you say, without having to say a word.

Whether it’s creating new brands from scratch, or breathing new life into a company with tradition, we got you covered!

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Print design

Despite digital channels being the main focus of brands today, print design will never get outdated.

We have experience with designing a huge range of print and marketing materials, from promotional brochures, catalogues and posters to billboards, menus, business cards, magazine covers... or anything else you can think of! Give us a challenge, there is nothing that can be printed that we can’t design!

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Packaging design

Let’s be real - the package sells the product.

We can create and design the packaging for a wide variety of different products. Following design and marketing trends we can craft the perfect packaging for your product - for any market or target group.

Our experiences include working with worldwide FMCG brands, but also luxury fashion brands and so much more.

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User Interface design & User Experience

In the digital era, User Interface and User Experience go hand in hand. It goes beyond simple Web Design, and becomes about crafting the ultimate experience for your users and customers.

Working on design with users at its core is what gets us excited - be it a website or a mobile application, we are always in the mood for creating something new and amazing.

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It always starts with pen and paper, but soon transitions to the screens of our design team. That’s just the way we roll.

We are well versed in creating different forms of illustration that include hand drawn imagery, but also custom icons, avatars and symbols for any purpose that your brand needs.

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Presentation design

Be it a sales pitch, meeting with investors, B2B or B2C product presentation - we are going to make it look amazing, effective and most importantly - sell.

Approaching presentation design from the perspective of sales, design and marketing all at once, we can create the ultimate presentation or template for your business’ needs.

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Case Studies

You provide the data, and we’ll provide the design.

No matter how in-depth you want to go, our design team will cooperate with you the present all results, factors and data in the best way possible.

Complicated infographics? No problem! Just give us a good brief and relax while we do the work.

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