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In the modern times, every brand that wants to stand out needs to integrate its marketing efforts across all channels. Digital channels are a big part of that mix.

Digital marketing is a process that involves strategically integrating your online activities, to increase awareness of your brand, attract meaningful engagement and create true, measurable impact for your business or brand.

We are dedicated to help clients attract the audiences they want, all the while engaging with them on a daily basis and converting them into brand enthusiasts, valuable leads and finally, loyal customers.

Our services and approach are crafted in a way that they cover ALL relevant online media channels and Social networks. Below, you can find a summary of the main services we offer, and a brief explanation.

Explore the digital marketing services we offer below.

Social Media marketing

In an ever growing digital world, Social Media has become the standard for communication. People can interact and engage with brands 1-on-1, and that has changed the way B2C communication works.

Our Social Media Marketing starts with getting to know the brand and audience, continues with creating strategy for the actions we want to encourage, culminates with the intersection of the audience desires and our marketing goals, and ends with analysing and optimising the results achieved.

We work wonders for brands and companies of all sizes, from your small business to global giants - our Social Media approach has you covered.

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Community management

The core of every brand’s Social network are the consumers, audience - or simply put, community.

Our community managers become the voice of your brand, answering any and all comments, messages, reviews and critics all day long, across all networks.

Social Media networks never sleep, and you must always be ready to talk to your community and interact with them.

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Content creation

They say content is king.
We say - great content is king.

An integral part of every digital marketing campaign is the content produced. Our creative team works on curating only the best ideas for interesting and engaging content, to make your business stand out. The ideas are then produced by our design team, and the rest of the media production team.

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Retargeting & remarketing

Retargeting is the de facto leader in raising online conversions, increasing sales and making the biggest Return on Investment (ROI).

It enables you to specifically target the people who visited your website or specific pages on your website and even micro target them by the actions they took on your website or advert: did they click on add to cart, did they buy your product... and more.

If put into perspective in the real world, it would look something like this: a customer enters your store, and after exiting he sees three bilboards about your business on the way home, and when he turns on the TV - the pre roll ads are about your business.

This is the real power of retargeting and remarketing as a concept.

We use it whenever we can, to tailor the perfect results and sales boost for your business.

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Google PPC Advertising & SEO Optimization

What does the typical internet user do first when he turns on his computer? - He searches for something on Google.

Our PPC specialits analyze the most potent keywords for your business and ensure that you get the lowest bid per click.

Our services with Google PPC also include Google display network advertising and YouTube video ads.

We also do on-site SEO optimization with the goal of ranking your website higher on search engines and increasing your traffic and sales the organic way.

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Email & newsletter marketing

Send an email that won’t get deleted right away.

Our specialty are custom made newsletters that look amazing and sell even better. Reach your audience personally, track and optimize results and get the most out of email database - converted to sales.

We also take privacy and GDPR very seriously, and ensure all activity is done in compliance with the regulation and local law.

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Digital Diplomacy

Digital Diplomacy is the reality of modern day politicians, state-level institutions and diplomats. It is also very economical for promoting values and wide cultural content of a society or state.

We are one of the first digital agencies specialized in Digital Diplomacy and using Social Media for diplomacy purposes - and as a testament of that, we are also in the process of organizing the first regional Digital Diplomacy conference - ADD (Academy of Digital Diplomacy), with the help of our partners.

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