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#BarboliniForRealPeople – Production and Concept


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Barbolini Serbia Media production, Photoshoots, Graphics Design and Digital Marketing 2020.

The Italian brand Barbolini is a long-term client of our agency. During all phases of our collaboration, we’ve always been dedicated to fulfilling new goals and setting standards with the potential to exceed everything that had been previously done.

In this case study, we intend to showcase the concept of #BarboliniForRealPeople campaign, focusing mainly on the production and behind-the-scenes aspect of creating it.

Initial Idea and Campaign Organization for the Barbolini Brand

In the beginning stages of every project, in this case of a campaign intended for social media, it was important for us to understand the client’s wishes, vision, main goals, and only then to dive into other aspects of the whole process that will bring the ideas to life.

Until this moment, the marketing material that’s been used only contained photographs of professional models, and editorials made in Italy. Sometimes, we would also use our pictures created in Barbolini stores located in Serbia, but that was it.

Therefore, with the newest campaign, it was of great importance to showcase “real people”, that love and indulge in the Barbolini type of lifestyle, and also to capture the way they move when walking down the street or the way they express themselves through their daily routines.

Whether our models were photographed in a café, on a cobblestone street, or in the center of the city, #BarboliniForRealPeople photoshoot and campaign were intended to appropriately showcase the real life of “ordinary” people that nurture their style.

Scouting Locations and Photoshoot With Models

Apart from hiring our photographer, it was necessary to hire people that love to wear Barbolini in their everyday lives, so that they could represent everything that we wanted to say through captured moments.

Also, we had assistance from the Promoda store in Rajiceva Shopping Center, which offers a wide selection of clothing by well-known Italian brands, including Barbolini, and they helped us create proper outfits for the chosen models.

When it comes to locations, since the very beginning it was obvious to us that we wanted to focus on the town’s streets which were in accordance with the idea of representing “ordinary” people doing ordinary things. However, we decided to do the photoshoot in a downtown café as well, since its interior was perfect for showcasing Barbolini clothing pieces.

Post-production and Design for Social Networks

After making plans for a couple of days, figuring out the outfits, scouting locations, and everything in between, the photoshoot had been successfully completed. Then, it was time to retouch the new material, but it was extremely important to keep the natural tone of the photographs, so we went for minimalistic filters to maintain the realistic sense, which was the idea of the entire campaign since day one.

Together with the client we chose the best photographs and continued the process of realization with our designer. The idea was to design a proper social media feed that would look like an editorial from a fashion magazine.

Bearing this in mind, we decided to go for black, white, and beige as primary colors, while orange and red were used for accentuating details. Throughout the retouching and designing process, we focused on figuring out the ways to design something that would be fashionable, but at the same time that wouldn’t overshadow the photographs – so, the goal was to achieve both elegant and stylish feed to perfectly showcase Barbolini autumn/winter collection, but in a unique way.

When it comes to the results of the campaign, with changes connected with media content and its launching we’ve made significant progress – brand awareness, reach, but most importantly larger number of conversions in Barbolini’s online shop.

Stay tuned because soon you will be able to read more about the marketing strategy of the campaign, but until then, fill out the contact form if you need professional-looking photographs for fashion or any other purposes!

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