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Powerforce Media Production 2020.

Thanks to the results we achieve, the number of foreign clients who indicate their trust in us is growing day by day. For a brand of smartwatches of exceptional design and functions that meet all the needs of modern men, we were in charge of media production of content aimed at advertising and selling the most successful products like Powerforce smartwatches.

Continue below to see how this process went step by step, as well as the achieved results of our work that led to the more successful business milestones of the client.

Defining Key Steps

At the very beginning, before moving on to the practical implementation of the project, it was necessary to talk to the client and determine the goals we mutually strived to achieve. Since this is a client who sells smartwatches for the French market, with a plan to expand the business and go global, our first specific task was to organize an authentic photo shoot and video recording of the products with professional models. All of that was followed by a post-production process – retouching the material and overall preparing it for advertising on social media.

Choosing the Right Locations and Models

With a detailed analysis of the brand and the products themselves, which we were supposed to present to the target group, we decided to organize the photo shoot at several locations.

In the studio, photographs were taken focusing on the look and design of the watches. On the other hand, for a more realistic presentation of the powerful functions these watches have, we photographed and filmed different models in authentic outdoor conditions.

In this way, we provided potential customers with an insight not only into the aesthetics and technical details of the smart watches but also into all the values ​​of these products.

Post-production and Social Media Design

When we have quality “raw” material, the possibilities when it comes to post-production are endless. By following the market, the target group, as well as the recognizable characteristics of the brand itself, we processed the materials and adapted them to the needs of advertising on social media. We have fully harmonized the visuals with the aesthetics of the product on each of the posts. Functionality, modern design, and quality watchmaking are in the foreground.

Thanks to careful planning in every step of media production, all the way to creating visuals that sell, we have contributed to this brand achieving great results and accelerating expansion on the world market.

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