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4M Immobilien Web Design, Web Development, UI & UX 2020.

For the needs of our foreign client – 4M Immobilien, whose main activity is purchasing and selling real estate, we had the task of creating a website according to the world standards. We opted for a modern design to best showcase all the services our client provides.

Your Desired Real Estate – Just a Click Away

Our design of the homepage and the website in general focused around the brands colors – red, blue and white, as well as depictions of real estate throughout Vienna. All of the most important information is displayed on the homepage – from the types of services, to various 4M social media channels, which allows website visitors to easily navigate through the website.

One of the vocal points of this website is the page dedicated to the purchase and sale of real estate, which provides users with information on how to contact the company and covers every step of the process involved in case they want to purchase or sell real estate.

The client points out that their real estate agents are always on stand by and are always available to provide their expert advice to each user in a variety of ways – via phone calls, or via simply filling out the contact form at the bottom of this or the contact page, which also contains all the necessary info about the company – phone number, e-mail address and location with an implemented map for easier navigation for the user.

Innovation as The Key to Success

We have created a page that provides all the general information about the business with the most important characteristics of the client. We believe that in this business it is very important to provide accurate and timely information for professional cooperation with buyers, we single out the best monthly real estate offers that are in a separate section.

The 4M Immobilien site has also implemented a calculator that offers users the opportunity to calculate the value of the property themselves, and thus this site gets another excellent functionality.

As our task was to create a website according to world standards – the mobile version goes without saying. We have enabled visitors to access any page of the site from any device and at any time without interruption.

These are just some of the services we have provided to bring 4M Immobilien’s business to the highest level. If you liked this project of ours, share it via social media networks or send it to friends and associates.

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