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Web Design and Development

Client Services Year
IDJ Digital Web Desing and Development 2019.

IDJ Digital was created to affirm young artists and present them to audiences around the world. This platform brings together talented influencers, music performers, producers, and production companies across the region.

Creating the website for IDJ Digital, we tried to emphasize the main features of this promising and increasingly popular brand.

Networking and Support

The IDJ Digital project is based on the idea of ​​networking creative individuals and creating a strong community that provides full support to its members. Our task was to contribute to this mission by creating an authentic website. With the design of each page, the choice of colors, shapes, and their layout on the site, we tried to emphasize the values ​​of the brand.

The cube element that is an integral part of the logo inspired us to create an interesting pattern on each of the four pages dedicated to a particular art branch. Connected cubes symbolize the interconnection of artists.

Site Pages

The key part of the site is four pages dedicated to musicians, content creators, brand development, and content owners. Each of them is shown in a different color – green, red, purple, and blue. Users can find all the information related to a particular industry, types of services, implemented projects, and how they can become part of the IDJ Digital family.

Also, there are pages dedicated to current news and a section “About us” where visitors can learn more about the origin and development of the platform itself, the expert team and associates that makeup IDJ Digital.

Users can quickly and easily sign up on this platform. In a few clicks, they can become part of the IDJ Digital community by entering data into dedicated fields.

Availability on All Devices

For all site visitors to have an optimal user experience, we have paid great attention to its responsiveness. The design of the website is such that it meets the needs of users and their devices – the layout of the elements on the site changes and adjusts depending on the screen size and the characteristics of the device from which the site is accessed.

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