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Gravidon A Web design, Web development, UX, UI 2020.

For the needs of our client, a pharmaceutical company, we were given a task to create a website for one of their medical products – Gravidon A. The goal of the website is to encourage all future moms with the content on the website, whilst promoting the product. In order to present this product in the best possible way, we conducted various researches on the most common issues and difficulties future moms face in their everyday life.

All the advantages of taking Gravidon A were presented through a modern, simple yet unique design. The colors palette we used were based on the brands already established colors – blue and white. We used a lot of realistic photos from situations that users of the site can encounter on a daily basis. The focus was on timely information, which required a lot of research on the composition of the product itself.

Available at all times

Bearing in mind that this product provides future mothers with a sense of security, therefore the site must be available at all times and on every device. Designed minimalistically, through brand colors and real-life photos, this website with its elegant look provides all the necessary information to content users from all devices seamlessly.

Information at every turn

We have created a separate contact page where, in addition to basic information about the client, soon to be mothers can ask any question, which will be answered by an expert as soon as possible. Through the pages of the site, we’ve arranged various topics that may be of interest to the websites users – from the period before the beginning of pregnancy, all the way to breastfeeding. In the area of ​​”More information”, we’ve included the composition, instructions for use and studies related to this topic, which we consider very important for future mothers.

We focused on a simple look – to make the content clear and accessible to everyone and on every device. Our goal was to bring this product as close as possible to its potential users, and to place all the information necessary for the realization of this project in the clearest way.

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