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Nasaleze® Web Design, Web development, UX, UI 2020.

Can airborne pollutants be displayed in an interesting way? When designing this site, our creativity went beyond its previous framework, and the result was a modern and informative website for this medical powder spray.

Two Sides of the Same Concept

When opening the site itself, visitors are faced with the possibility of choosing a variant of the product that interests them. This web presentation includes two separate units intended for individual variants of one product:

  • Nasaleze Allergy Blocker® nasal spray, a powder spray intended for people suffering from allergies
  • Nasaleze Cold & Flu®, a powder spray that protects against viruses and bacteria.

The website design is in full accordance with the already defined color schemes of the brand, with a slight innovation of the visual presentation achieved via the help of graphic elements.

Small, But No Less Important

For the purposes of designing this website, we used characteristic illustrations:

For Nasaleze Allergy Blocker®, we used displays of allergens from the air – mostly dust particles, dandelion seeds and similar elements.

For Nasaleze Cold & Flu® part of the site, we used illustrations of viruses and bacteria, guided by its main role, which is protection against the mentioned harmful particles.

Although these are two variants of the same medical device (powder spray), we didn’t allow this website to be “boring”. The colors of the brand “dictated the pace” – orange and blue fit together perfectly, and we just worked on a stylized application of the same, so that the site would continue to look neat.

No Such Thing as Too Much Info

We tried to have enough illustrative elements followed by useful tips and instructions, so that this site would not lose its primary function: to be informative.

Examples of the use of a medical device, as well as graphic representations, serve as an answer to all visitors’ questions regarding the use of this product. The design of these elements is also “clean”, stylized, and clear.

When it comes to this website, we let the design speak louder than words. The result was a revolutionary user experience – which was our goal all along.

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