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ABV Distribution Web Development, Web Design, UX and UI Design 2020.

Before the official start of working on any website that will represent the brand in the best way, it is necessary to set the framework of all phases that will follow through the entirety of the website development. These include selecting colors that are in line with the existing branding (if it is not developed from scratch), the research of fonts, setting up typography, as well as page segmentation.

Whilst developing the website for ABV Distribution, we focused on these starting points and followed them during the entire process, all the way to the official launch of the website and its release out into the world.

Choosing The Right Color Palette

During the process of “assembling” the color palette for the visual aspect of the website, the focus was on using the existing branding of ABV Distribution aka colors that were already in use. Therefore, blue and white tones were chosen as the primary ones, while other shades – black and gray were included only in certain parts of the website to accentuate details, but also to provide proper contrast.

Typography Harmonization

In addition to selecting colors that are in line with the existing branding of ABV Distribution, it was important to take into account the importance of determining the perfect typography, ie. fonts that will accompany the site and represent the brand. In this case, Gotham and Acrobat font families were chosen, while black and white were the selected colors for the lettering.

Setting Up The Website Structure and Segmentation

To concisely include all the important information about ABV Distribution, one of the most important tasks we had at the beginning of the website development was to set up the structure. Thanks to the adequate segmentation that we chose for the final version of the project, all aspects of ABV Distribution’s business are showcased in a characteristic manner that is cohesive with the brand.

The Launch of The Website

During the development process of websites, many changes or adjustments need to be handled properly in order for everything to work out for the best. This was also the case with ABV Distribution, because, as an agency, we are in constant communication with the client, and fully committed to each segment of cooperation. As a result of our work on this project, we launched the website that’s the perfect resemblance of everything that ABV Distribution stands for.

Do you also need a website that will best represent your brand, company or product? Write to us by filling out the contact form, and we will provide you with all the necessary information!

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