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Chez Nik Restaurant - Website Design


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Crafting the perfect website

Designing a website up to pair with French aesthetics of this exclusive restaurant is no easy task. Custom web design in line with the visual identity and impressive interior was our proposed solution.

Recognizing the aesthetics

Translating the visual identity, interior and design into a website

When presented with the task of making an up-to-date website for the exclusive Chez Nik Restaurant, we had to reach ours to our inner artist.

Web development and user interface design would not be enough here. We needed to carefully implement the French aesthetics of the interior decorated with earth tones and materials, the charming atmosphere and illustration style of the restaurant’s visual identity – and translate it into a web presence up to pair.

The challenge

Three separate segments in one restaurant

One of the specifics of Chez Nik Restaurant is that it’s consisted of three separate segments, under one roof:
The Restaurant, an exclusive International cuisine France inspired restaurant
The Cafe, a more relaxed place where you can unwind and enjoy unforgettable coffee
Glace, a corner for Chez Nik’s amazing home-made ice cream

We needed to tell a story, all the while retaining simplicity and optimal user experience.

Along with the presentation of all the restaurant segments, the home page needed to include the latest news and offers, carefully integrated into the content.

The guests also need to be able to make a reservation online, or find and contact the restaurant in a few clicks, to ensure the optimal user experience.

Indulge into the aesthetics that bring this website to life.

When making a website, one of the most important things is ensuring perfect responsiveness across all devices. We’ve custom designed each page for ideal display on mobile devices to ensure maximum user satisfaction.

We hope you have enjoyed our presentation of the Chez Nik Restaurant website.

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