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HYLA Web Development 2020.

Hyla’s web development began with the idea that the design, as well as the overall visual experience, suggests the brand’s main affinities.

With a single look at the page, we aimed to instantly initiate positive emotions that the brand nurtures. You guessed it – these are the purity and freshness that their products provide. Therefore, the selected color scheme is one of the main elements that testify to the business and associate it with its affinities: freshness and luxury.

Color Selection – Important Element in Conveying the Message

The dominant white color suggests purity, light, and even perfection. The secondary sky-blue color emphasizes the details and CTA buttons – the sky-blue associates with peace, serenity, loyalty and trust, ideally emphasizing brand values. The blue color is mostly ethereal, i.e., fluid and gentle, which appropriately combines all the benefits of HYLA products, services and business itself.

When it comes to Web Development, the ultimate solution from our point of view should be intuitive and aesthetically appealing. Therefore, a small number of necessary clicks in all sections of the site enhances the user experience and enables an effective introduction to their complete offer.

Visual Communication with Customers

The homepage shows real contexts and environments in which the products are used. The choice of scenes was obvious – families in pleasant, home environments directly depict the benefits of the product – the enjoyment of fresh air with Hyla products.

The homepage also shows the prominent products, as well as their main features, and just a few clicks are enough to get fully acquainted with the many likable offers.

When it comes to online sales, the e-commerce platform is easy to navigate. Clicking on any featured product on the homepage directly takes you to the desired category, which contains photos of the device, important information and sorting the product according to the desired filters.

A quick overview of the best-selling and best-rated product categories further helps to present the entire offer from the perspective of already satisfied customers. In this way, the selection of perhaps still undecided customers has been successfully facilitated.

Hovering over the product provides subtle effects of changing its photo, simultaneously displaying additional information. In this way, visitors can get acquainted with all the features without additional necessary clicks. It is possible to quickly add to the cart, but also to the wish list, providing a possibility to make a list of favorite products to which interested customers can always return.

All characteristics that form the core of the HYLA brand, such as fast delivery, support and reliability, undoubtedly confront visitors with the business quality on the homepage.

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