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Web Desing and Development

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I.N.A. IT & Comms Web design, Web development, UX, UI 2019.

How to express the professionalism and expertise of a team in an aesthetically pleasing way? That was our main task when it comes to I.N.A. IT & COMMS!

Efficient design for efficient IT support

To properly illustrate the efficiency of their work, as well as the trust they have with their clients, we based the design on the color blue. This color, according to the psychology of colors, is associated with calmness, trust, and stability. That’s what everyone wants from their IT support!

Infrastructure tailored to the users’ needs – and it’s online!

After we, together with the client, determined in which direction the design of the website will go, which of course had to be in line with the clients’ vision of their brand, we started defining the functional aspects of the website.

The primary goal was to better present the services that our client provides but to also better explain them to the site visitors. For this purpose, custom illustrations were developed that further define each of the services. With this pictorial presentation, we’ve defined the direction that can later be applied to other elements of the brand, given its recognizability.

The color scheme for these elements included, in addition to the main color already mentioned, the use of complementary colors to better emphasize the details of the illustrations and their functionality.

Technology available to everyone

As our client keeps up with the times and provides its users with information technology services, the full functionality of this website on various “smart” devices was mandatory.

This option has already become a staple in the development of each one of our websites, so we applied it in this case as well. All website visitors can now easily learn more about services I.N.A. IT & COMMS provides, and are able to contact our client in just a few clicks.

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