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Izba wine - 38 Women Entrepreneurs with a Single Goal

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Izba Wine Web Development 2020.

A diligent team of women behind the Izba Wine project has inspired us to create an authentic solution that effectively presents their unique business story.

Today’s websites play the role of an ID card of any brand. That is why the digital ID card of this powerful project was created to emphasize the visual experience. Carefully highlighted information is arranged in accordance with the gentle aesthetics of the site, making the right measure that effectively occupies the attention of site visitors.

You will notice that a wonderful story about this endeavor, which is already setting historical records in its industry, is being subtly told as you scroll down the page.

It’s Like You’re Already There

A first look at the Izba Wine site instantly provides a visual value that makes you feel like you are located in the vineyard fields, wide as far as the eye can see. Such aesthetics provided an effective display of the value of this brand, whose vineyards can be seen in a foggy landscape.

Playing with real situations in contact with wine was an obvious choice in certain design elements. How many times has your glass left a red mark on the table while drinking wine? Our assumption is almost every time. This simple graphic element brought closer the real, but also sweet “consequences” of drinking wine and provided a kind of stamp that emphasizes the brand’s true spirit.

The focus in creating the site was to provide a unique experience through a simplistic, clean and fresh solution. Earthy tones in the photographs, with dominant colors of nature, fit perfectly into the website aesthetics, while the business itself is depicted at the site’s footer in the form of minimalist graphics.

When site visitors select the blog section, a dominant display of wine plantations is presented. Of course, many useful facts for all wine lovers can be found here, and hovering over blogs provides additional information about the date of their publication. In this way, additional information is unobtrusively provided, while the aesthetics of the site remains intact.

The contact form section clearly shows the location of wine production, with attractive photographs of the grapevine, so the interested visitors can easily get acquainted with the many brand’s characteristics.

Final Reflections

The Izba Wine project is deservedly portrayed in the digital world; simplistically, effectively, and aesthetically carefully designed. Each section of the site provides concise and educational information, while the overall style properly completes the story of this business. Textual information and visual solutions complement each other, and both aspects are equally emphasized, making an ideal harmony of visual and descriptive information.

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