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Kameleon Travel Agency Web Design, Web Development, UI & UX 2020.

For the needs of our client – Kameleon Travel Agency, we had the task of creating a website in accordance with their slogan – Travel adapted to you!

A Website Adapted to You!

Our goal was to create a visually stunning website with easy navigation adapted to its users. The best offers are always on display, supported by the most important information and organized so that they can be adapted to everyone.

Mobile First!

Since mobile phones have become an indispensable part of everyday life – the mobile version had to be just as stunning! It allows users to search quickly and efficiently at any time, from a variety of “smart devices”. While in mobile view users have the ability to search quickly and efficiently at all times, and the content is adapted to the mobile version to fit perfectly.

In designing this website colors that most compliment the main (Kameleon color) were used, which right away became a clear association with the brand. They suggest to the user that the Kameleon’s offer adapts to all his travel needs.


A real stand out is the way we simplified leaving a query via mobile phone and desktop as well. We developed a unique platform which was not yet used on the tourism market, and that way made Kameleon a stand out in its field of business.

All The Colors of a Chameleon!

The design of the site stands out for its modern details, blended into complementary and pastel colors, which accompany the user on his journey through a very rich offer of tourist arrangements. Using intuitive navigation, the site visitor is given the opportunity to choose their ideal travel destination through a very clear view. Just as the chameleon itself in nature quickly adapts to the circumstances, so does the offer of this travel agency. For that reason, this resident of Africa and Madagascar served as the inspiration for the creation of this site, as well as the complete brand of the travel agency, whose offers are adapted to everyone.

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