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Mercata VT Web Development, Web Design, UX and UI Design 2020.

Keeping in mind that Mercata VT is the leading distributor of consumer goods, the setting up of the website and its launch were a challenge – one which we accepted without any hesitation.

The primary vision for the website, which embodies the way this brand operates, was to present a combination of three factors: successful business policies, flexibility, and modern infrastructure.

After a couple of meetings with the client, we gained a clearer picture and the principles according to which Mercata VT bases its daily distribution and cooperation processes with prestigious local and global brands. Based on those facts, we started working on a website that was designed to represent all of the above in the most optimal and professional way.

Website Design in Accordance With The Brand

Before starting web development of the specific segments that make up the current Mercata VT website, it was important to think of a brand-compliant design in advance. The logo design and the colors used when creating it – beige, light blue, and navy were our starting points for web design as well.

Also, the triangles, which are also part of the logo, were our inspiration for the shapes that were used throughout the entirety of the media content, and pages on the website. In this way, we stayed consistent with the already established branding of Mercata VT but also figured out new ways of showcasing it online.

Setting Up The Website Structure

In order to represent the main mission of this brand adequately, it was important to think of an optimal way for setting up the website structure. The most important focal points, apart from the general information of Mercata VT company on the home page, were:

  • Portfolio – all collaborations shown in one place
  • News – important information in the field of distribution

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