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Primavera Ristorante – Web Design & Development

Web Desing and Development

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Primavera Ristorante Web dizajn, Web razvoj, UI & UX 2021.

Mediterranean appeal as its main feature

A new gastronomical oasis on the Sava promenade, Primavera Ristorante gathers all of the most distinguising Mediterranean characteristics.

Elegant design

Combinig recognasible and vivid colours of the brand, its shapes, as well as photographs of the interior and restaurant specialities, we devised visually attractive content that breathes elegance.

When it comes to the content organisation on the site, we opted for a minimalistic and clear layout, in order to provide the optimal user experience.

Feel the Primavera

With vivid images illustrating Primavera’s ambiance, we provided visitors with a real feel of what awaits them at the restaurant. Also, this being a restaurant whose staff and menagement give utmost importance to their guests’ feedback, the website features a section for guest reviews and their comments. In this way, we emphasized on one of the main merits of this unique restaurant in Belgrade Waterfront, which is constant adhering to the guests’ needs, and enhancing the service and restaurant offer in order to provide the gastronomical experience of the highest possible level.

Visitors of the site at all times have an option to make a reservation online or to find and contact the restaurant in a few clicks, so they can have an optimal user experience.

During the designing and creating of the site, we devoted lots of attention to ensuring the site is perfectly responsive on all available devices. Careful designing and fitting of every detail resulted in the perfect page loading even on mobile devices.

We hope you enjoyed this presentation of the Primavera Ristorante site.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us directly.

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