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Red Queen Belgrade Web Design, Web Development, UX, UI 2019.

Inspired by the magnificent location chosen for this unique restaurant, we designed the accompanying website accordingly. We wanted to convey in a visually tempting way all the impressions related to this catering facility – from the carefully decorated interior to the cuisine that attracts all hedonists with its exceptional taste.

As it is located within the Belgrade Waterfront complex, Red Queen has added a touch of luxury to its brand, which we tried to convey with symbolism and details within the site itself. The recognizable crown tells the story of the Red Queen, which you start to get to know from the moment you first enter the website!

Modern web presentation – The Crown of online presentation

Our presentation of the restaurant through a modern design allows each user to easily get information about the work of this gastro & wine concept, but also have a look at the menu online. Red Queen Belgrade offers over 150 types of wine and a handful of gastronomic masterpieces, and our goal was to bring it closer to customers in the best way possible.

Since a large selection of quality wines is one of this restaurant’s vocal points, we tried to incorporate it into the design of each page of the website. In accordance with the general branding strategy, we used illustrations, motifs, and visual elements that communicate all the values ​​of this concept.

For the needs of the client, we organized photography of the interior, food, and drinks used for the menu design, as well as material for social media posts. That’s where the magic begins!

Both stylized and functional

When it comes to the website itself, the page with the gallery of photos of the restaurant stands out, and within the site, we have implemented a page with news so that guests are informed about all the updates regarding the menu and the restaurant.

The menu of the restaurant itself is part of the website, and it is possible to view it very easily.

On click reservation

The entire website is also optimized for mobile devices so that users can easily reserve their table at any time, and enjoy the exceptional ambience of the restaurant.

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