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Sante Serbia Web design, Web development, UX, UI 2020.

What do you get when you mix nature and the World wide web? In order to create a modern website with an online store, we turned to nature for inspiration.

Fresh design – with no compromise!

For our client, a domestic pharmaceutical company, we’ve developed a website with a web store for all lovers of natural and organic, decorative and preparative cosmetics – with no compromise!

What we wanted to achieve in terms of design, in agreement with the client, was a fresh look for the website and a minimalist approach. This was achieved with the use of stylized illustrations and by displaying plants that are the ingredients of these quality skincare products.

Natural and organic goes digital

Communicating the brand’s most important values continued on the web! Using the already established visual and colorful elements, we highlighted the certificates and awards that the brand proudly carries.

The culture that Sante cultivates and the values ​​the brand represents have defined the rest of the design, so preference was given to textures and elements such as stone, paper, tropical plants, and fruits.

Skincare – just a click away

Organic cosmetic ingredients, brand reputation, and modern e-commerce solutions have dictated the development of our client’s website, more specifically the part related to the web store.

The emphasis was on enabling easy and intuitive navigation throughout the web store, but also the site in general. The most popular product categories, as well as individual products, have been given a special place on the website, thus simplifying the customer’s journey from entering the website to finding and purchasing the desired product.

In addition to the web store, we’ve implemented a Magazine section on the site. Its role is additional education for site visitors and customers, but it’s also the backbone of the SEO on-page strategy for the website.

At a time when it was difficult, and sometimes even impossible, to go outside, we brought nature to all of Santes’ organic cosmetics customers. This small oasis of products with carefully selected ingredients is a joyful place for every quality beauty care products enthusiast – and it’s all just a few clicks away!

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Web Design and Development

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