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Verona Hill – A Practical Solution that Drives Clicks

Web Design and Development

Client Services Year
Verona Hill Web Development 2021.

Modern design, comfort and quality construction make an attractive whole of the residential complex “Verona Hill” – our satisfied client to whom we were excited to create a site that shows their tempting offers, but also business values and qualities.

The first look at the site’s home page provides a dominant touch of nature in the context of Web Development, which we accentuated using a color scheme. The selected color combination conforms to the brand logo at the same time, further affirming their identity.

We created a relevant digital representation through a modern website – the main emphasis is placed on nature, which in reality surrounds this modern complex, providing a feeling as if you are already in the relaxing greenery that surrounds “Verona Hill”.

The home page’s header makes a fairy-tale display of an irresistible environment, while the pure white text blocks combined with photographs of the beauties of Vrnjacka Banja allow an easy visual segmentation.

User Experience – Attractive, Easy, Intuitive

The main steps in creating the UX design were easily distinguished relevant information, the offer’s accurate display, as well as the ability to quickly contact the client. Transparent notices on the apartments’ size and structure, as well as the price per square meter, allow visitors to be easily informed about the terms of purchase of “Verona Hill” apartments.

Efficient and intuitive visitors experience which simultaneously saves their valuable time was our main goal. That is why a single look at the gallery of 3D modeled apartments is enough to provide important information to all interested buyers. We also enabled a quick preview of 3D models from different angles with just a single click, in order to faithfully present the interiors and structures of apartments from a bird’s eye view.

Hovering over the clickable buttons subtly changes their hue, providing another eye-catching detail that further enhances the user experience.

Verona Hill’s digital business representation provides a set of relevant information that is stylistically presented in the spirit of the brand. The final solution is defined with an emphasis on the historical context of Vrnjacka Banja, which enriches the emotional value of this project.

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Web Design and Development

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