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Bibis – Designing a Great Catalogue


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Bibis Graphic Design, Design of Promotional / Printed Material 2020.

Modern Wellness and Spa trends are like nature – evolving and thriving. Also, new ideas in design are being developed, to present the offer and realized projects of clients in the best way. Take a look at our striking catalog design that we created for Bibis, a leader in the Wellness and Spa industry in the Balkans.

Elegant Pages That Enchant

The created projects are presented in a luxurious and elegant printed form, and each page of the catalog is designed to enchant the observer with its beauty. Pastel and vivid colors, as well as patterns that evoke elements from nature – water, wood, fire, and metal, fit perfectly with displays of numerous luxury pools, saunas, jacuzzis, and other Wellness and Spa facilities that proudly represent the decades of work and skill of Bibis.

Suitable author’s text accompanies the visual representations, emphasizing the advantages and importance of Wellness and Spa content, as well as their uniqueness and beauty. When choosing fonts and their sizes, we took care that they fit perfectly into the catalog style.

The Catalog is Judged By Its Cover

At first glance and touch, the Bibis catalog stands out and differs from others. The embossed cover is gently felt under the fingers, and the characteristic logo of the brand is decorated with a subtle gold print. With an intent combination of colors and elements, as well as proportions, we have achieved a sophisticated design that properly represents the main characteristics of the Bibis brand – the highest quality workmanship of any project that meets and exceeds expectations, always with style.

Our dedicated team carefully designed the content of the catalog, choosing the most representative photos among the hundreds that prove the uniqueness of each realized project. With the wonderful materials, we had at our disposal, writing the accompanying text that talks about the essence of Wellness and the main characteristics of successful business in this industry were a real pleasure.

After preparing the catalog for printing, and printing it, when we saw the result of our dedicated work, we knew that we had created a little masterpiece. The main confirmation of this statement is the satisfaction of the client, whose trust we have fully justified, and even exceeded expectations.

We hope you like the catalog that we made for Bibis.

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