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Primavera Ristorante – Visual Identity


Client Services Year
Primavera Ristorante Graphic Design, Design of Promotional / Printed Material 2020.

When it comes to designing a visual identity and branding for a restaurant that aspires to become one of the most recognizable in Belgrade, it is necessary to unite creativity and technical skills at the highest level. When we give shape to an initial idea and successfully transform it to real objects that we feel with all our senses, then we know that we have done a great job.

Harmony of Ideas and Technical Skills

As the client already had a defined primary brand logo, it was up to us to design a secondary one that would meet the highest aesthetic standards with its appearance. We have created 2 versions. The subtle and balanced elements that make them at first glance attract the attention of observers and are easy to remember.

Brand Guidelines

Primavera is a restaurant of Mediterranean cuisine with an exceptional location on the Sava Promenade. When we were making the book of standards, in agreement with the client, we decided to base the color palette on shades that are associated with the sea, sand, and Mediterranean heat. As the name, Primavera translated from Italian means “spring”, in the selection of characteristic patterns we were guided by the symbols of this wonderful season, full of vivid scents and colors.

The choice of fonts also reflects the spirit of the Mediterranean – various serif, sans-serif, and special italic fonts are used, and they are associated with a slight ripple of water. Each of them allows us great freedom in creating prints for branding purposes.

Elegant Printed Materials

We used several formats when we were creating printed materials with the restaurant’s gastronomic offer. The main menu of the restaurant has been transferred to the A3 format, which provides exceptional visibility of each specialty and its preparation. A carefully selected printing paper gives guests a feeling of elegance and luxury in their hands. In that way, the choice of food and drinks for the guest is no longer a boring formality but becomes an event to which the guest dedicates himself and enjoys.

We also used a personalized approach when creating business cards for the restaurant and employees. Dimensions and texture have been specially selected to leave a great impression.

We have implemented the established design and recognizable aesthetics in other segments of cooperation with the Primavera restaurant. See how we designed and implemented a successful opening campaign of this Mediterranean restaurant on the Sava promenade.

Hope you like our branding for Primavera Ristorante. If you want your brand to be recognizable and successful, fill out the contact form and contact us!

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