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Rakija Klisura – Packaging Design


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Rakija Klisura Graphic Design, Packaging Design 2019.

Throughout history, there’s a reason why rakija has been known as firewater and even the water of life. That is why the strong, rich tastes and tradition of this hard drink in the production of the Bošković Distillery deserves an equally strong design, whose unique style will inform about the product inside the packaging, but also about the core values ​​of this domestic brand.

A Design that Tells a True Story

In a world that is always focused on the new, sometimes the most powerful thing a brand can do is take people back in time and give them a sense of recognizability. That is why the graphic representation of the gorge on the packaging is an essential aspect for rakija of the same name.*

* Serbian: Klisura; English Translation: Gorge.

The gorge painted on the packaging is additionally associated with the brand name, and the final solution is actually a hand-illustrated landscape of the divine Ovčar-Kablar Gorge, where the distillery originates.

Each design element tells a part of the story and provides value ​​to this traditional Serbian business through noticeable solutions. Strong contrasts and a dominant golden color are the main visual attributes, while the hand-drawn design of the gorge depicts a real view through the distillery window. Therefore, a unique, striking style was created, also containing a great sentimental value.

The Cyrillic font is a nod to the tradition of the country in which the Bošković Distillery’s rakija is produced, and the strength is present in every letter. The authentic font fits in style perfectly because it carries the necessary strength, simultaneously making the final solution reflect the tradition and valuable memories at a glance.

A Plum as Good as Gold

As a centuries-old Serbian national product, rakija made of plum is found in almost everyone’s household, and it’s (almost) mandatory for serving dear guests.

The golden plum that adorns the packaging suggests luxury, but also the quality of taste. The transitions of the golden shades in the logo provide a kind of peculiar “thread” because playing with the golden outlines behind the gorge provides the effect of the sun setting down. That is why the shadow of the logo – as the sun would create in nature – is found in the final solution.


The intertwining of black and gold shades provides an attractive solution, and you can almost feel the touch of nature through the illustration on the label, which puts a clear reference to a natural, domestic product. Dominant black tones allude to its main characteristics – luxury and sophistication, emphasizing the rich flavors of this drink.

The color scheme of light gray and white shades with a striking gold logo, print and details, also provides rich visual communication. In both cases, the combination of light and dark tones, as well as the pronounced contrast of colors establish the dominance of the brand name. The background is blended complementary and stylistically, and the name of the rakija is proportionally emphasized in the comprehensive solution.

The Final Result

The final visual identity of Klisura rakija suggests the power of this drink through a recognizable and unique style. The prominent, bold design contributes to the attractive, but also subtle feeling that you get from a single look of the packaging, making it easily noticeable in the sea of offers of this legendary hard liquor.

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