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Branding and segmentation in higher education

Branding and segmentation in higher education

Client Services Year
Faculty for Diplomacy and Security Branding, Print Design, Art Direction 2019.

The concept of visual identity

Experts in the field of higher education stand behind their opinion that, besides easily accessible educational tools, the methodology of passing on knowledge is equally important.

Conceptual development of visual identity and overall working on the branding of the magazine “Broj” presented a significant challenge to our team.

Content Segmentation

On the one hand, the task presented to us was to, from a large number of activities, find a way to facilitate getting information and acquiring knowledge based for the readers based on their areas of interest. Meanwhile, on the other hand, we had to exhibit, through careful and precise categorization of the regions covered by events and activities, diversity and a thorough approach while processing various topics in the field of social science.

Culture, purple color and creativity

According to the Theory of Colors, purple helps the development of imagination. Culture itself is one of the most essential segments of every society. Our clients, Faculty of Diplomacy and Security and Center for International Relations and Cultural Cooperation, have so far organized a large number of cultural events. It was their emphasis on the importance of cultivating cultural heritage and continually learning about new cultures that guided us towards branding this category with purple color and, by doing that, to contribute to the creative and intellectual imagination of end users.

Diplomacy, beige color & chameleon

The color beige is the chameleon of colors. It can adjust and take on some of the attributes of warmer as well as colder colors that it’s combined with. In the context of diplomacy that is defined as the art of the possible and the impossible, we opted for the color beige, which is often used as a base. Diplomacy and willingness to compromise indicate that conversation must be the basis for any civilized relationship. Using this approach to branding, our clients are communicating to end users that this is the primary field of their scientific work.

Final result: freshness and diversity

With this approach to branding higher education, formal as well as informal, and with a bright design within the categorization of different areas in the system of practical knowledge, we have offered to the end users a variety of the diverse regions which our clients independently process within their general industry.

The segmentation of different colors through this type of design is not only a visual guide for more straightforward navigation but is also, due to its well-established look of the front page, a proof that our clients perceive all events and activities as an integral system.

We sincerely hope that you enjoyed our branding project for the Faculty of Diplomacy and Security and Center for International Relations and Cultural Cooperation.

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