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Central Pub - Standing out on Social Media


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Central Pub Social Media Marketing, Content Creation, Community Management, Digital Advertising 2019.

Making Central Pub stand out

Trying to bring something new and fresh to an oversaturated market is never considered an easy task. With Central Pub we had a different approach – we focused on what makes the pub different, what stands out of the crowd, and used that to our advantage.


Even when looked at from the outside, Central Pub is not your average pub. Located in the busy business neighborhood of New Belgrade, it sports a huge garden, as a perfect oasis from your everyday life. Despite having over 50 types of beer, the food is something which separates the pub from the competition. We recognized that Central Pub’s marketing focus is interacting with the community and showcasing all the different things they have to offer.

Putting an accent on the visual

Using Social Media to the fullest

The first thing your target audience sees on your profile is your content, namely – your pictures. Only if they are interesting enough, do they dive deeper to discover your brand, and then they get a chance to read your copy. This can be used to your advantage and is exactly what we used to get our audience’s attention.

Bringing sports and stories into the mix

Beer and sports are always a good mix

Watching sports is not the same without beer, and maybe a good burger or sausages. Our audience knows that, and that’s, why they use the pub as a gathering place where they can enjoy the best global sports, has to offer. We know that, and that’s why we always make sure to give them a heads up using the best Social Media format (besides Twitter) for short and precise information – Instagram Stories.

Besides keeping in touch with our audience with up-to-date information on the next sports events, we used Instagram Highlights as the place to showcase the full spectrum of everything that makes up Central Pub. Below you can see exactly how that looks, or you can go directly to the Instagram profile.

If you want to see how we added video to the mix, check out the Social Media promotional video we did for Central Pub, take a look at the project by clicking here.

The audience responded

Only a year has passed from when we started working with Central Pub, and already we have gained a sizable following on Social Media, with active fans and great results. Segmenting target groups for each of the Pub’s different audiences, by location, interest and behaviour, brought us great results all across.
Below, you can look at some of the KPIs our advertising executivesset for the client, and our results:

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