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Mustela Serbia - Building an online community


Mustela Serbia Social Media Marketing, Content Creation, Community Management, Digital Advertising 2019.

Mustela in Serbia – Digitalization

When the leading global brand in mother and baby care derma cosmetics approached us with the task of creating a Social Media strategy and a presence for Mustela in Serbia, we were thrilled. A chance to launch and establish such a renowned brand on new marketing and Social Media platform was both a recognition and a challenge.

Social Network Launch

There are currently over 40 Mustela baby and mother care products present in our market. Launching a brand into a saturated market is a challenge and a unique marketing opportunity. Unique because of the overabundance of choice which is inversely correlated with differentiation between the brands in our market. Hence, we knew that our marketing strategy would go beyond just introducing Mustela on a new platform, and be focused on transmitting the unique values which are a part of each product, which make a mothers’ life more comfortable.

We chose Facebook and Instagram as the spearheads of our social media strategy. Each is different and essential for and integrated digital marketing strategy. Where Facebook appeals to a broader audience, Instagram allows for a more personal approach.

In June 2017 we successfully launched both networks in accordance with our initial strategy and vision. In retrospect, the launch was by the book, our book.


Turning followers into an engaged community

We are all driven and connected by emotions. The intimacy of raising a child, his or her wellbeing and the joy of making it all happen. This is Mustela, a brand which understands this precious process. That’s what we set out to communicate, and we did, the audience responded.

Our content creation was created based on market segmentation, with a multifaceted approach to appeal which includes: emotion, education, brand value, and social activation. Through engaging with followers daily we successfully integrated a personalized, detail-oriented approach with the overall strategy. This built Mustela more than a following, but rather a real community of mothers, to-be mothers and brands enthusiasts.

Content Strategy

Creating and curating content that stands out

Form our experience, we have identified that the average social media user does not respond kindly to purchased, generic and stock content. Large brands tend to remove the emotion for their content creation. It is cheaper and simpler to create generic content for all markets than to adapt to local needs; however, negative results may reflect such a choice. Furthermore, not understanding a local market may lead brands to lose customers in other unrelated markets (like the new Gillette Ad); hence, our approach.

The philosophy of avoiding the ‘easy’ and generic is what we embody. We don’t make mistakes, and we stand for the reputation of our clients. We are intent on providing real value to our customer base. Hence, our media production team organizes photo shoots with babies monthly to ensure fresh, updated content and non-generic content. The reaction to real content, when compared to corporate stock content, makes a real difference when it comes to results. Sustainability and quality assurance are essential in the digital domain; we make sure that each post reflects the overall marketing strategy. Integrating is essential, and allows us to make fun, quality posts communicating the brand values and products through context. Pair that with social media contests and user activation campaigns, and you’ve got yourself a brand that people believe in and engage with on social media.

The success of a marketing strategy relies on inspiring people. An inspired and engaged community provides excellent user-generated content (UGC) daily, and we reward them by reposting their post or story on official Mustela channels, along with gifts for the most loyal fans.

Advertising on Social Media

Bullseye targeting and nothing less

Having a brand with a specific target group seems easy to advertise. But, is it so?

We leave nothing to chance and over time implemented advanced advertising in the form of retargeting, custom and lookalike audiences for every specific product line. Segmentation of the target groups, paired with lead generation campaigns and building email bases allowed us to show customers only the most relevant ads, with microtargeting going to the extent of showing mothers products based on their babies skin type.

Results & KPI (Key Points of Interest)

Facebook & Instagram

The nature of the industry necessitates measuring results monthly, quarterly and yearly.

Further still, to see improvement in the long run, we create comprehensive break-downs of every month, week, post and target audience and adjust, optimize, and compare them to KPIs.
The advertising platforms on Social Networks improved over time which allows for gathering large data sets but using that data to improve effectiveness and efficiency is an essential part of our strategy for Mustela.


Here we can observe some of the critical metrics on Facebook and Facebook advertising.


Despite being a strongly visual network, Instagram provides complex data sets which allow us to measure the impact and success of every post. Here’s a sample:

Only the beggining?

We’re grateful for opportunities such as working with Mustela, which give us a platform to showcase what we can do for a brand. Based on our success, we were able to expand into the east Balkan region and apply our know-how with the same results. We look forward to making Mustela’s social media exemplary for years to come!

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