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Nasaleze Serbia - Raising brand awareness

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Social Media Marketing, Copywriting, Content Writing, Digital advertising 2020.

Since Sargon was founded we’ve had the pleasure of working with clients from the pharmaceutical industry, together we raised their brand awareness through various online channels of communication. Last year we added a new client to our portfolio list for whom we created multiple campaigns on multiple/various social media newtworks, which in turn had great impact on overall store sales. Take a look at how we made this happen.


For the needs of our client from the pharmaceutical industry, it was necessary to create a strategy for their visual presentation on social media channels, as well as to create an advertising strategy – all whilst keeping in line with the clients existing logo and brand identity.

Product/Brand: Nasaleze Allergy Blocker® – a powder nasal sprey intended for people suffering from allergies, Nasaleze Cold & Flu® – also a powder sprey used for protection and prevention from viruses and bacteria.


When formulating the strategy for this client, we followed these guidelines:

  • Distinctly communicate the products use
  • Visually present the effects of the product in an interesting way
  • Raise brand awareness for the customers and the health and medicine professionals
  • Adjust the periodicity and intensity of the campaigns based on the seasonality of the products

When talking about the advertising strategies, given the fact that the final sales are realized in physical outlets (pharmacies), we’ve considered which channels of communication will allow us to reach the most people from our target audience. In the end we decided to advertise the products through social media networks as well as Google Ads.



After determining the segments of the target group, we had to decide on which channels of communication to take. Facebook and Instagram were the logical choice, so the next step was to formulate a tone of voice with which the brand communicates on social networks, and through digital channels in general. As a mandatory call to action, all posts on social media networks included a link that leads potential customers to our clients website.

Visual presentation

The next step in realizing our clients digital strategy was creating the brands visual presentation on social media networks. This included creating custom story and picture posts and visual campaigns on social media networks as well as banners for Google Display.


Raising brand awareness

One of the main goals of this campaign, especially when talking about a product that isn’t sold to the customer directly, was raising brand awareness. Two main segments of the target audience were identified:

  • Customers that purchase these products in pharmacies
  • Health and medicine professionals

During the course of the campaign both main segments of the target group were covered with various content and ads. For that particular reason, a certain part of the campaign was aimed at educating the target group on the problems this product tackles.

Optimization of digital advertising campaigns

The further process of implementing the set strategy involved paid advertising campaigns, so for the needs of this particular brand we set up various social media and Google campaigns. Social media advertising included Engagement, Reach and Traffic campaigns, while Google advertising included search, display and video campaigns.

As this client already had a functional website, all advertisements were linked to the website.

During the process of realizing the communication and advertising strategies, we encountered two main obstacles:

  • Seasonal demand for this product – the peak of allergens and allergic reactions is highest in the period between April and July, as well as in September.
  • Restrictions due to advertising medicine, which required additional caution regarding the messages that were communicated on social media.

During the implementation of the campaign there were no delays or setbacks since we already had experience advertising in the pharmaceutical industry.


Although we didn’t have e-commerce as a sales channel, everything was dedicated towards promoting direct pharmacy sales. During the campaign, especially during the peak season, there was a significant rise in demand and sales in these stores.

The information and messages on social media networks, Google search and YouTube left a strong impression on potential customers. On a daily basis, a large number of inquiries for the product arrived, the community on digital channels grew, and numerous recommendations were left by customers who had already tried Nasaleze Allergy Blocker® and Nasaleze Cold & Flu®.

In conclusion, based on the everything mentioned above as well as based on specific statistics from social media networks and blogs, we marked this campaign as very successful.

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