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Simply Ollie: Brand Creation and E-commerce Advertising

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Simply Ollie Copywriting, Content Writing, Social Media Marketing, Digital Advertising, E-commerce Advertising 2020.

In an absolute dominant digital era – from shopping to creating art, all the way to as basic as communication with your loved ones, together with our client we dared to do something completely different – develop a brand of paper planners produced locally. Read the story of how we created the Simply Ollie universe.


For the needs of our client, we were in charge of launching the brand on the domestic market, spreading brand awareness, and promoting sales through the web store. Our agency worked on creating the copywriting content for social networks, content marketing strategy and Facebook / Instagram paid advertisement.

Product / Brand: Simply Ollie, premium planners, and accessories for planners.


In order to best convey the brand values ​​to the target group (sustainability, care for nature, and minimalism), but also successfully launch the web store, we took the following course of action:

  • Defining the segments of the target group
  • Determining the tone of communication
  • Spreading brand awareness
  • Defining and optimizing paid advertising campaigns


Target Group Segmentation

Considering that this is a premium quality product, new on the domestic market, we’ve established several of the most important segments of the target group. In order to make a distinction in communication with each of the groups, we have created posts on social networks and blog texts that propose solutions to the challenges that each face.

When it comes to paid advertising, we used audience segmentation for more precise, targeted campaigns.

Tone of Voice

Based on the segments we observed within the established target group for our client’s product, we formulated a tone of voice for social media networks. The content posted on social media was accompanied by a friendly tone of voice, with useful tips focused on personal organization and productivity.

The majority of our target group is heavily based on Instagram, which is to be expected given the pronounced aesthetics of the brand. When designing the strategy for Instagram marketing, we searched for key hashtags that would be suitable for use in advertising this particular product.

Spreading Brand Awareness

We introduced the target group to the brand by designing a couple of custom posts with this particular goal in mind (short tips), paid campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, and through regular blog posts.

In order to position the brand as an authority in the field of productivity, personal development, and efficient work, we’ve created a series of blogs on topics relevant to the domestic planner community. Whilst writing this content, we followed the basic procedures of web journalism, content marketing, and on-page SEO. A blog is always a great way to further strengthen a site in terms of SEO, but also to provide users with useful advice in a slightly longer form than by social media posts.

Paid Advertising Campaigns

In our advertising strategy, we put the emphasis on Facebook and Instagram. The campaigns we have created for this client are:

  • Engagement – Encourage page and profile interactions
  • Traffic – Encourage site visits
  • Conversion – Sales promotion

Since it’s an online store, the Conversion campaign was the main focus of the advertising strategy. Most of the budget was directed towards the said campaign, and different variants were tested, concerning both the text and visuals, as well as target groups.

Of particular importance was the Conversion / Retargeting campaign, which was also active and allowed us to target social media users who’ve already visited the client’s website, or viewed the products.


Since the launch of all social media profiles and campaigns, Simply Ollie products have aroused great interest. Already in the first few weeks of the campaign, a large sum of the first series of planners was sold, which were printed at full steam until then.

The community gathered around these products has recorded stable growth, and by optimizing our advertising campaigns, we managed to reach the ideal target audience. Therefore, the conversion campaign also bore great results. The finale of the campaign was reached in the festive period around the New Year, which was expected, and that’s when the sales reached their absolute peak, which was then followed by the printing of a new series of planners.

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