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Monoderma Serbia – Digitalization and Growing an Online Beauty Community


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Monoderma Serbia Design, Copywriting, Digital Marketing, Facebook and Instagram Ads, Community Management 2021.

In cooperation with the company Swixx Biopharma, our agency has started different marketing activities for brand Monoderma a few years ago, and factors like strategy and vision were clear from the start.

Continue to read below about the entire marketing process – from the digitalization of the brand to publishing campaigns!

The Monoderma Brand Goes Digital

Monoderma is a skin care brand completely dedicated to women around the globe. In its product range, this brand offers three different vitamins on our market: A15, C10, and E5, which are in the form of liquid face cream and packaged in soft capsules.

Since these are products that are by the nature of the formulation pure vitamins but taking into consideration that the packaging in which they are stored differs from other facial skin care products on our market, it was of great importance to present the uniqueness of Monoderma products.

In collaboration with the client, the beginning of this process was marked by the digitalization of the brand, as well as of every aspect of it in the online sphere. Also, our primary goal was to introduce women to Monoderma capsules, and all the benefits they have to offer, but also to provide them with all the general and necessary advice on skincare – all in one place.

Creating Social Media Accounts

Monoderma accounts on Facebook and Instagram were created in 2018 with a clear focus – raising brand awareness. It was the very beginning of a continuous process, the one that continues in the present as well, and which we started by figuring out appropriate design solutions, creative topics for copywriting purposes, and also how to educate our target group through all of the promotional campaigns.

Just in the first few months since the digitalization of Monoderma, we noticed great results including the growth of the number of followers, increased engagement in the form of comments, likes, shares, but also general awareness of Monoderma’s presence in Serbia.


Gathering the Beauty Community

By all the above, our mission apart from brand awareness is the establishment and growth of a community of women who are committed to self-care, not only when it comes to skincare, but also in general, has been successfully implemented. Social networks allow us to maintain contact with them daily, to advise them on how to properly use Monoderma products, but also how to take care of their skin by suggesting DIY face masks, healthy recipes, etc. On the other hand, we strongly believe that beauty comes from within as well, not only by using proper cosmetics, so that’s one of the most important reasons why we’ve managed to maintain our close relationship with all community members.

In other words: from the very beginning, we’ve been focused on making Monoderma’s accounts on social media sources of everything related to beauty topics that could help women, not just for the strict promotion of products from a PR perspective. This is one of the reasons why we believe that great success was achieved. However, the organic demand for Monoderma pure vitamins remains firm, not only through paid advertisements.

Implementation of Campaigns and Results

During the two-year-long process of raising awareness about Monoderma, it was important for us to reach more new members of the target group every month which we succeeded by conducting Facebook and Instagram campaigns. Although we had tested different types of ads each month, and bearing in mind that Monoderma still does not have the possibility of online sales, the best results were achieved with the Engagement and Reach type of campaigns.

In addition to continuing to use ads that have brought us great results so far, for this year we plan to collaborate with micro and macro-influencers, which will also help increase the community to a large extent, and also remind existing followers of the importance of facial skincare with clean products – Monoderma vitamins.

We strive to continue our daily communication with the target group in the near and distant future, as well as to follow trends in the world of digital marketing, and according to them develop the best strategy for this derma cosmetics brand.

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