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Fitness Center Euphoria: Branding


Client Services Year
Dance-recreation center Euphoria Serbia Graphic Design 2018.

For the dancing recreation center Euphoria, our team has come up with a thrilling and eye-catching design. Dynamic, striking, and energetic – just like the brand is!

The Energy in Every Detail

We were given the honor to be trusted with the task of creating a design, for which the brand will become recognizable among fitness enthusiasts and fans of a healthy lifestyle. Placed on the attractive location, in a central part of New Belgrade, with two gyms fully equipped for group training and dance lessons, Euphoria has all predispositions to become a place of recreation to many. Our job was to inject them with something that is often crucial in a project’s success – adequate branding bursting with energy!

Memorable Promo Material

To familiarize as many interested people with Euphoria, for the BTL advertising, we created promo materials that can not stay unnoticed.

Vibrant flyers containing information about the center, types of training and programs available to users, branded t-shirts, and appealing business cards, are just a part of the material specially designed to attract as many users as possible.

Physically active, we aim to reach a harmony between spirit and body, and in choosing a color palette, we found a balance using white and black. Highlighted usage of intense pink, made the brand stand out among numerous competitors.

Winning Design

Thanks to the right choice of colors, shapes, and images that inspire and motivate, we designed adequate posts for the social media profiles.

According to formed branding, we also created a web site with all relevant user information. Responsive on all devices, the website provides an optimal user experience for the satisfaction of the visitors.

Establishing visual identity and branding for a dancing-recreational center Euphoria is just another successful project in a row, actualized by our agency.

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