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Fire Festival: Digital Material Design


Client Services Year
Fire Festival Graphic Design, Promotional Material Design 2019.

When creating the campaign and marketing strategy for the Fire Festival in the digital world, it was necessary to think of an adequate design that would visually accompany the idea of ​​the festival, including the symbolism of the name itself – fire.

Follow us through the entire designing process below, starting with the client’s brief and gathering of information, setting up the initial design frameworks to publishing content on social media.

Fire as a Flame of Inspiration

Before the very beginning of the realization of any project, it is of great importance to fully understand the concept, idea and goal that the client seeks to live up to. In the case of the Fire Festival, the name alone was enough to greatly inspire the appropriate direction of design. When it comes to colors for branding the content of the festival, it was instantly obvious that orange and yellow will take the center stage.


Urban Landscape of the Festival’s Atmosphere

Also, the atmosphere that was expected during the festival itself, as well as all the scheduled events related to it, inspired the urban patterns that were used in all promotional visuals.

This way, by combining different elements – fire, confetti, all patterns and authentic colors, even Cyrillic letters, we were striving to visually shape the festival’s atmosphere, and present it in the best light, as an introduction and snippet for everything that was about to follow.


Under The Spotlight of Success

The Fire Festival, for which we designed all of the promotional visuals, officially lasted from the 9th to the 10th of August in 2019 in Velika Plana, and as a result of the hard work of everyone involved – it was extremely successful.


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