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Packaging Design for a Brand of Chips: Better Design for Better Taste


Client Services Year
Graphic Design, Packaging Design 2017.

Modern tastes require modern solutions. That is why, upon a client’s request specialized in food production, we created a package of chips through a modern design that reflects the current market trends in the food industry. For a complete understanding of our creative process, we will visually and descriptively present the concept, as well as the realization itself. Enjoy!

Packaging Modernization

The old packaging required a more modern look, as it did not clearly communicate the true qualities of the product. It simply did not provide adequate visual value. Therefore, we intended to highlight the splendor of intense flavors that are – like the product itself – irresistible.

The improved color scheme helped to make the entire packaging more clearly associated with the taste itself, while the illustrations make the design unique and fresh. The intense red color attracts the most attention and makes our visual display of taste clear at first sight. Therefore, the accentuated taste of the product now attracts the desire to nibble.

The taste of the snack is also more complementary to the current design, and the font on the packaging is legible, which improves communication with consumers.

Maximum Advertising Advantage (Promo Poster)

When it comes to branding, the most important thing is to clearly communicate the message of the product, which was our main intention. Colors psychologically strongly influence people’s behavior and decision-making – that’s why we decided on intense shades in the design that make the packaging striking and unique.

Also, the background color of the promotional poster further emphasizes the irresistible tastes of this snack, which completes the visual communication.

Final Reflections

Modern and authentic packaging instantly grabs attention and clearly communicates its qualities. The product is now more memorable and unequivocally characterizes the taste of the product, allowing the overall attractive solution to occupy attention.

The dynamic design, which shows the crunchiness of the snack and the intense taste of the paprika, allowed a clear association with the taste, at the same time depicting the intense pleasure that the product provides.

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