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Primavera Ristorante – Opening Campaign


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Primavera Ristorante Social Media Marketing, Copywriting, Content Writing, Digital Advertising 2020.

Primavera Ristorante – Eternal Spring Arrives in Belgrade

The process of opening another restaurant in Belgrade always presents a challenge. However, the bigger our challenge is, the more enthusiasm we have for tackling it! From the moment we were entrusted to create the very begging of the digital presence of a restaurant dedicated to the Mediterranean and spring, we knew that we had to do something uniquely striking.

Brief for Opening Campaign

For our client’s needs, we were in charge of creating an opening campaign and appearance on Social Media, through which, in the vast ocean of other restaurants in Belgrade, Primavera Ristorante would stand out and become a new desirable spot for true gourmands and admirers of quality gastronomical service. After meeting with the client, setting the book of standard as a base for the further creation of content, we started working on this challenging project.

Authentic Instagram Feed that Stands Out With Its Beauty

Idea – The Spirit of the Mediterranean in Every Post

For the opening campaign and the beginning of social media presence, we decided to go for a somewhat different approach, compared to the ground and monotonous way of creating and posting content. In order for the Primavera Ristorante to be distinguished among numerous competitions, the focus of content creation was put on the unique concept of this restaurant. As suited to a restaurant aiming to become a new gastronomical oasis, we created an authentic Instagram feed, which sticks out with its design.

The Aesthetical Complex That Captivates


The feed contained nine individual posts, presenting the restaurant in an appropriate light and communicating its fundamental values. Each post is diligently thought through and designed, so when observed as a whole, they give a well-rounded and aesthetically pleasing entity. As our primary goal was to make our posts striking and unforgettable to our target group (building of the desired brand awareness), we accentuated the trademark colors of the brand, segments that are clearly associated with the Mediterranean and its irresistible charm, while the subtle details which symbolize spring accentuate the elegance and the atmosphere of the restaurant. Text, as a part of each post, is in sync with the communication tone of the target group and it perfectly accompanies the visuals.

Paid advertising meant conducting campaigns on social media and was dominantly directed towards raising brand awareness as well as familiarizing as many people as possible about the opening of a new restaurant in Belgrade that aims to become a preferred spot for all true fans of Mediterranean cuisine.


During the time of the campaign, thanks to the attractive posts and adequate paid advertising via social media, more than half a million people from the target group learned about Primavera Ristorante on the Sava promenade. Today, a few months later, this charming restaurant, along with new guests every day, is visited by already regular guests, who enjoy the specialties, atmosphere, and spirit of the Mediterranean, which Primavera Ristorante provides.

The entrusted task has once again been successfully accomplished by our team. Primavera has splendidly arrived at Belgrade and brought lovely tastes and scents of the Mediterranean. Another proof that this spring is going to stay in Belgrade is the prosperous continuation of the collaboration between the restaurant and our agency. Meanwhile, having justified the client’s trust, we also created their impressive website and designed the print material, while post creation for the social media and their advertising has become our daily task.

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