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ProFit Gym – Rockin’ Instagram Content

Instagram Content and Advertising

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ProFit Gym Social Media Marketing, Content Creation, Community Management, Digital Advertising 2019..

Launching the new gym in town

We were recently given the task to create a visualy impressive, but also engaging feed on Instagram for the newely opened ProFit Gym. The posts needed to be stand alone advertising material, but also be part of a larger picture and feed design. Take a look at how it turned out.

The idea was to make the content engaging and fun, but also educational, all the while showcasing everything that ProFit gym has to offer, grabbed the audience’s attention and ultimately converted them into full-time members.

Advertising and results

First, we used lead generation campaigns to gather a database of users interested in the gym, and used 1-to-1 communication and tailor-made offers to get them on board, along with retargeting and lookalike audiences to get the most our of our budget. After two months, the gym had more than 50 new members from Social Media advertising alone, and we concluded the campaign as a success.

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