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Rakija Djuric – Graphic Design and Visual Identity


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Rakija Djuric Graphic Design, Packaging Design 2020.

True fans of hard liquor know that a fine rakija must be enjoyed with style. From our perspective, consuming this historical Serbian drink means enjoyment for all the senses; both for taste and the complete visual experience.


Art That Has Lived for Centuries

Therefore, the visual identity of the brand Rakija Djurić, which sets standards in the quality of taste, should inevitably set standards through its own graphic identity.

That’s why we created the visual appearance of the client by combining the characteristics that convey their story – because the story of this brand is unique and worth telling. Elements of history, tradition, and culture presented through a rustic aesthetic that truly conveys the spirit of the brand, faithfully show its philosophy but also the perceived quality.


Culture of the Past Presented Through Modern Solutions

The intertwining of traditional values ​​and modern textures can be noticed on the label itself. Folk aesthetics with elements of simplistic patterns provides an ideal combination of brand modernization with long-term existence. The visual solution combines several dimensions that represent the core of this business, which is faithfully presented as a modern brand with rich experience.

They say that the key to success lies in the “golden mean”. That is why the golden rule in Rakija Đurić’s rebranding was the realization of a modern design that provides a sense of timeless quality. We have created a visual identity that preserves and nurtures the history of business, but with a subtle modernization.

The dominant logo on the label makes the brand additionally visible in the eyes of consumers at every tasting and enjoyment of this drink. Such a subtle emphasis successfully forms the complete branding, but also acts as a “reminder” to all rakija lovers of this great producer.

Each of the four flavors is presented through specially designed packaging. In that way, we provided a visual distinction in the offer of rakija flavors, while all four design solutions are mutually complementary and recognizable.

Finally: A Prominent Brand Identity

Creating an inspiring design that testifies to the quality of this drink makes all the unforgettable toasts even more special. The recognizable identity, created using a combination of colors and textures, allows a comprehensive visual identity to be highlighted, while the packaging combines taste, strength, but also simplicity and luxury.

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