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Schubert Dumplings – Designing Sweet Things


Client Services Year
Schubert dumplings Serbia Graphic design 2017.

For the needs of the client Schubert dumplings, we had the task to create a design that will combine the art of making favorite treats in our nation with the name that this brand bears – Schubert, after the Austrian composer Franz Schubert. Our goal was to create a logo that would best represent this product, and make it recognizable.

The Process of Designing a Logo

We started “composing” the visual identity of the brand by creating a logo that represents a sketch of the portrait of the composer Franz Schubert. This logo is made in accordance with minimalist trends and represents a modern but at the same time stylized visual solution for presenting this brand.

Details to Brand Identity!

In addition to the official logo, a number of elements that define the brand more closely were used, such as:

  • dumplings in various colors of pastel shades,
  • musical notes and
  • other musical elements – violin and bass music key.

All these elements were used in the design of packaging for the product, but also other printed material – menu, business cards, impression books and all promotional material.

Innovations in Order to Be Recognizable

When new taste compositions were created, which came with new products, we adjusted the packaging in accordance with the previous visual identity of the brand – through a minimalist design in pastel shades, as well as in the previous design from which we did not deviate on this occasion.

The last step in creating a visual identity is to decorate the interior of the store, which should be decorated in accordance with pre-designed standards of brand design, for better recognition and consistency.

This also includes the appearance of social media profiles and all aspects of marketing promotion materials. Our team had the task of creating the visual identity of this brand, and providing all the accompanying services to the client to start developing the brand in accordance with all trends in design, but also in the industry itself.

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