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Šumadijski Kutak - Eco Village Rebranding


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Šumadijski Kutak - Eco Village Community Visual Identity, Rebranding, Art Direction, Logo Design 2019.

Rebranding from the inside out

Looking at a branding or rebranding project only through the visual aspect is only scratching the surface. We strive for communicating the values of the brand on every step of the way, and that’s just what we did when rebranding an Eco Village – Community, Šumadijski Kutak.

Crafting value into visual

When confronted with the idea of the Eco-Village “Šumadijski kutak” we realized right away the project was not about the village itself. Šumadijski kutak is the making of a community of like-minded people, in touch with nature and ecology. Located in a beautiful part of continental Europe, it represents a dream of the founding family, to become a getaway for nature lovers all around the world, where they can enjoy fantastic nature, fresh air, and home-grown organic vegetables.

Below, you can see the symbols we used in crafting the logo emblem.

We chose the color pallete according to the values that make up Šumadijski kutak.

For typography, we chose two typefaces that reflect the tradition of Šumadija itself, in cyrilic.

To top it all off, we finished with minimal stationery design of all relevant brand materials.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our presentation of Šumadijski Kutak branding as much as we enjoyed making it. You can always share the project on Social Media by clicking the links below.

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