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Waffles Packaging Design – Visualizing the Taste


Client Services Year
Graphic Design, Packaging Design 2017.

The perception of taste is everyone’s individual experience – but when we have a task to visually present the splendor of sweets, as is the case in marketing in the food industry, our goal is to make the final solution create a true mouth-watering feeling.

The traditional packaging of waffles that preceded the current redesign did not represent their irresistibility in the best way. That is why we have completely rebranded the visual identity and thus highlighted the values of this dessert in the solution you are currently seeing.

Sweet Ideas are Our Specialty

The striking combination of colors and the simplicity of the packaging provided a noticeable modernization – the candy bars are positioned in the foreground, which clearly presents the main product, while the rich chocolate color truly evokes the flavors hidden inside the packaging.

The texture of the sweets is also emphasized in the final solution, providing clear visual information, and the graphic play with the overflow of ingredients in the design vividly suggests their seductive combinations.

Hazelnuts, as one of the main ingredients, are dominantly highlighted and presented in mutual harmony with chocolate, creating a synergy of flavors that charm at first sight.

Providing information about the product is always a must in graphic design. Therefore, better use of space, as well as the relation of illustrations and information about the product make the final design clean and refined. The redesigned packaging now easily informs customers, but at the same time encourages the emotional reaction of consumers through a color scheme and accentuated tastes.

Rebranding Done Right

The name of the waffles naturally occupies a dominant position, and the neutral background color allows the focus to be exclusively on the product and its ingredients. The visual identity of this dessert has been successfully innovated, and the end result makes the packaging remain in the spirit of the brand, but with a more modern, unique style.

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